Would You Sleep in This Plastic-Wrap Shelter?

Cleverness can be a real asset when it comes to camping, outdoor adventures, and survival. And the people behind the TikTok account @camping.bushcraft.mit get an A+ for cleverness and ingenuity. One of the account’s latest videos, which already has nearly 20 million views, shows a man making a hanging shelter using plastic wrap.

In the video, the man uses a large roll of plastic cling wrap to painstakingly create a frame, wrapping it around several trees about a thousand times. Next, he builds a floor for his shelter, which he has suspended above a creek. Then, he creates sides for the shelter, and, finally, he builds the top.

When he’s done, it’s sturdy enough to hold his weight. The man appears to spend the night in his plastic shelter.

Watch it here:

Typical camping shelters like tents prioritize ventilation, so we’re curious how the shelter fared against condensation overnight. In the video, you can see condensation buildup on the inside of the plastic wrap, so we’re guessing it could use improvement in that department.

We’re also not sure about the environmental impact of using so much plastic for a shelter. It’d be way better to carry an emergency shelter, even if you don’t plan to sleep outdoors.

All in all, building a plastic-wrap shelter can’t be easier than setting up a tent, but if you’re ever stranded with a heck of a lot of plastic wrap, keep this trick in mind.

What do you think of this plastic-wrap shelter?

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