Pregnant Deer Shows Bobcat Who’s Boss on Maine Trail Cam

Christa Smith shared footage from a trail cam on the MAINE Wildlife Facebook Group showing a deer with absolutely no fear of a bobcat. Turns out, the doe is likely pregnant, and she chases the bobcat away for daring to come near her.

“Can’t believe this was on the trail cam! The pregnant doe chased this bobcat off after it apparently got too close,” Smith writes in the post caption. “She means business! Listen to her blowing!”

The trail cam footage comes from earlier this month in Danville Junction near Danville in southeast Maine. In the video, you first see a bobcat trot across a trail, then startle and look behind it as another animal starts chuffing loudly offscreen. The bobcat picks a path and starts down it, but not fast enough for this soon-to-be mama deer, who wants the predator gone and fast.

The doe enters the field of view from the right and makes sure the bobcat gets the message as she chases it down the path.

Commenters say things like:

“WOW!!!! Super cool catch. Amazing what ‘puffing up and making some noise’ will do to scare off a predator that could have easily inflicted some damage.”

And, “One mad mama, love it!”

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Smith doesn’t share how she knows the doe is pregnant, but folks in the comment section seem to agree.

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