Pet Ferret Goes Along for Outdoor Adventures (Now We Want One)

Prepare to be jealous of a ferret. Jesse James the hiking ferret has the best life, at least according to his TikTok account. A recent video shows off a day in the life of this adventure ferret, and it really does seem great.

In the video, Jesse’s owner, Lauren, who lives full-time in an RV, says Jesse wakes up with her in the tent. Jesse gets to choose whether he sleeps with her or in his own sleeping bag (now we want to know what a ferret sleeping bag looks like . . .), then they go on a hike. Jesse looks like he’s loving it as he hikes on a leash ahead of his human. At the end of the hike, he gets some kibble and water.

Then, the dynamic duo goes out on a lake in a kayak, before relaxing back at their campsite in a hammock. Did this ferret just live out every outdoor lover’s ideal day? I think he did.

Watch a day in the life of an adventure ferret here:

Of course, no life is perfect. Jesse and Lauren recently went through a terrible ordeal. The pair got in a car accident, and Lauren lost her leg. Now an amputee, she continues to live a life full of outdoor adventure alongside her trusty adventure ferret. Thankfully, Jesse wasn’t injured in the accident and he was safely returned to Lauren while she was recovering in the hospital.

Do you go hiking, camping or adventuring with pets?

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