Massive, Monster Lobster Could Be 100 Years Old

Jacob Knowles caught a lobster, and what a lobster it is. Knowles is a fifth-generation lobster fisherman based in Maine. A recent video shows him handling what he says may be his biggest lobster catch ever. At one point, Knowles hands the massive lobster a sweet potato, and its crusher claw slices through the hard tater like butter.

Knowles says while there’s no official way to age a lobster, the general rule of thumb is to estimate seven years of life per pound of body weight. This monster lobster, which Knowles estimates is well over 10 pounds, could therefore be a century old.

And for his age, this lobster looks great.

Since his catch is well over the “oversized” limit in Maine of five inches, Knowles lets the lobster go. He says large specimens must be released because they provide the best chance for breeding.

See the massive lobster here:

Knowles says this lobster was one of four he caught that day. He posts lobster videos frequently, often educating his followers in the process. In one video, he catches a female carrying thousands of eggs, removes some barnacles from her body, and releases her.

His video showcasing the 100-year-old lobster has over 83,000 likes on Instagram. Some commenters don’t agree that it weighed over 10 pounds, but we’ll take Knowles’ word for it.

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