Homeowners Accidentally Trap Fox in Garden. You’ll Never Guess How.

A curious fox cub found a hole while exploring a British garden and somehow managed to stick its head through it. Imagine the homeowners’ surprise when they came out to their garden and found a trapped fox with its head through the plughole of their sink.

That’s right, according to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital (SEWH) as reported by the Killeen Daily Herald, homeowners were “sorting out a shed and happened to leave [the sink] lying sideways when the poor creature decided to stick his head inside.”

The trapped fox had likely been stuck for a few hours before homeowners found it. The animal had tried desperately to escape, bloodying its paws in the process. Homeowners alerted SEWH, and a rescuer named Tom came to the fox’s aid.

Image courtesy of the South Essex Wildlife Hospital

In an Instagram post detailing the rescue, SEWH says Tom had experience with this type of rescue. “With a little wiggling and patience, [Tom] managed to get the cub free,” SEWH wrote in the caption.

Tom rushed the fox cub to the wildlife hospital, fixed its injured paw, and set the cub on medication to reduce swelling.

“Although [the fox] is still in the early days of treatment, Tom is doing his best and we are hoping this little one will make a full recovery,” SEWH said.

SEWH’s post contains some mildly graphic content of the rescue.

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