Ever Seen a Crocodile Climb a Fence? This One Almost Did.

Sophia Armstrong was visiting Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park when she and a crowd of people witnessed a crocodile’s attempt to climb the fence in its holding area. Thankfully, the crocodile didn’t escape or wreak any havoc. But isn’t a little unsettling to know that crocs can climb fences?

In the video, you can see that Armstrong is part of a group of people standing behind a chain-link fence. Just on the other side of the boundary fence is a large crocodile that’s working hard to shift its center of gravity just a bit farther forward so it can get over a shorter fence inside its holding area.

The croc appears to be moments away from finding a foothold and making it over when you hear a keeper’s voice off screen.

“Hello sweetheart,” the male keeper says.

At the sound of his voice, the crocodile appears to relax and start sliding back down the fence. It puts its back feet back on the ground and waits, leaning against the fence with its large head poking over it until the keeper comes into view.

The keeper redirects the croc back onto the ground by giving it a nudge with a metal pole he’s holding. The crowd oohs, ahs, and sighs a collective breath of relief.

Scroll to Armstrong’s fourth slide in the Instagram post carousel to see a crocodile climb a fence:

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