Epic Meteor Streaks Across the Night Sky in Spain

People in Spain and Portugal witnessed an absolutely epic few moments on Sunday when a meteor flew overhead, igniting the night sky. Footage of the cosmic event hit social media first. In one video posted to X, a woman was dancing at an outdoor concert when suddenly, the sky turned bright blue and a ball of light with a tail soared over her head and into the distance.

The European Space Agency (ESA) posted official footage of the meteor from its fireball camera in Cáceres, Spain, and it is quite spectacular to watch. The sky starts dark gray, then a flash of light enters the field of view. It looks like a blue-green ball of light with a long tale extending behind it.

As the meteor nears the horizon, it becomes much brighter, igniting the sky for a quick moment before passing beyond the fireball camera’s field of view. It leaves a bright-white streak of light in its wake as the rest of the sky turns dark once again.

Watch a meteor fly over Spain from the ESA’s fireball camera here:

And here’s a compilation video from The Straits Times (in one clip, you can hear a crowd of people gasping as it streaks overhead):

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