Bigfoot Tracks in Angeles National Forest? Reddit Weighs in

A hiker came across some peculiar tracks in the Angeles National Forest and posted photos to Reddit. Could these be Bigfoot tracks? Might Bigfoots roam the San Gabriel and Sierra Pelona Mountains north of Los Angeles?

Earlier this week, Reddit user Ok-Boot2017 posted a few photos from his hike in Angeles National Forest to the subreddit thread r/bigfoot. He asks others to weigh in: “Maybe Bigfoot tracks in Angeles National Forest?”

The three photos show a man’s foot (wearing a size 11.5 shoe) next to a foot-shaped imprint in the dirt, the imprint by itself, and the man’s foot inside the imprint. The context the original poster (OP) provides sets the scene.

He says: “I also did spot something very large about 50 meters away through some tall vegetation out of my peripheral vision, then as soon as I looked exactly that way I didn’t see anything more.”

The OP says he doesn’t consider himself superstitious, but “something felt strange out there.”

Some commenters believe the track is really water erosion or a small, oblong pothole. Many are more fascinated by the vibes the OP and his girlfriend felt during the hike than the tracks themselves.

The Plot Thickens

The OP provides additional information is comment replies, like the fact that his fiancé was uneasy during the whole hike. “I was with my fiancé who happens to be extremely superstitious,” he writes. “I didn’t mention my peripheral vision sighting of something as she would’ve lost it. She already felt uneasy the whole time and wanted to get in and out as fast as possible.”

Possibly the weirdest detail in this story came out in another comment reply by the OP.

He said: “Another odd end, when we were coming out of the trail around 8:00 it was now nearly completely dark. No more people at all. We had our headlamps on with red light. A gentlemen walked up the trail as we were 1/2 a mile from the bottom. Well dressed (not for hiking). Bigger security type, maybe 50. He felt very out of place. Definitely not dressed for hiking and no lights at all. He glared at us and then in passing said ‘I like your red lights, helps preserve night vision . . .’. I got JPL security/govt contractor vibes 100%. I’ve been around those folks before.”

What do you think? Bigfoot outside of Los Angeles?

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