Bigfoot or Bear? Teens Rescued from Forest After Being Stalked

Imagine graduating from high school just to have your first “real-world” experience be a potential Bigfoot encounter. For a group of recent grads who celebrated by going camping in Kisatchie National Forest, this is their new reality. They may never know exactly what happened out there in the Louisiana wilderness—or whether they’d been stalked by Bigfoot.

Last weekend, Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office (NPSO) responded to a call for help from a group of young people. The teenagers traveled from Houma to Kisatchie National Forest and had set up camp 1.5 miles off of Back Bone Trail, NPSO reports in a Facebook post.

After nightfall, one of the group members called 9-1-1 in a panic, reporting hearing and seeing something concerning. That “something” appeared to be watching them . . . with glowing eyes, no less.

“After setting up camp, one member of the group . . . called 911 frightened [and] requesting assistance because they reportedly heard a growl and saw what appeared to be an animal that had glowing eyes and stood about 5-feet tall,” says NPSO.

Could it be Bigfoot? Or a possessed bear?

Deputies arrived on scene and checked the area for suspicious activity or lurking animals (or Bigfoots). They found the group unharmed and escorted them out of the forest to safety.

“Deputies reported the disposition as unable to locate any suspicious activity involving a growl with glowing eyes and standing 5-feet tall,” NPSO’s Facebook post says.

Did these Louisiana teens spot a Bigfoot?

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